The World-Wide Sushi Restaurant Reference
The Sushi Restaurant Reference FAQ

This page contains a frequently asked questions (FAQ) list with answers for the World-Wide Sushi Restaurant Reference. Note that this page is not about sushi: just about every other page on this site is about sushi, but this page answers questions about this site. I appreciate your taking the time to read this page before sending email with questions; it really does save me quite a bit of time.

The questions

Questions and answers

What exactly is this site about?

Here's a handy chart about what is and is not on the site:

What we have information about
(and it's all on the site)
What we don't have information about
(and don't know where you could find it)

Information about sushi, and in particularsushi restaurants. The ``main attraction'' here is the pages of listings of sushi restaurants, grouped by country, state and city, with commentary from various net citizens.

A new email notification system for letting you know when new information appears on the site.

There's a fairly large glossary of Japanese sushi terms, and many Japanese words in the site are linked to their definitions in the glossary. The glossary also has recepies for some of the cooked entries.

A page of sushi bar etiquette and beginners' tips.

A list of sushi societies. and some other miscellaneous information.

A page of sushi ASCII art that appeared on Usenet a very long time ago.

And finally some organizational information: an index of titles and key words appearing on the site, a list of contributors to the site, pages about the updates to the listings and changes to the site which appear in each issue, a list of other web sites which point here.

Sushi restaurant supplies: sashimi-quality seafood, restaurant supplies, plastic sushi, those sushi infomation cards you see at sushi bars, sushi calendars, etc.). I don't run a restaurant, and I don't seek out, keep, or disseminate that sort of information.

Information about the health risks of eating raw fish: I'm not a medical doctor, and I'm not qualified to give medical advice. Anything I could tell you about food allergies, the risks of eating of eating raw fish in general, while pregnant or under whatever circumstances, etc. would be based on rumor or guesswork. Talk to your GP.

A search engine. But there is an alphabetical index of the site. To find something within a large page, try using the ``find'' function on your browser.

Graphics/photos. It would be great to prepare pictures for the glossary, but there aren't any now. Note that the few photos on the site are used by permission, and should not be reproduced without prior content of the owners.

In short: if it's not already online here, I don't have information about it.

Where do you get your information?

Most of the information on the site is from the the various submissions forms; in the past other sources have included personal email, a couple of sushi mailing lists about particular cities that I receive (namely Boston, New York City and Toronto), relevant articles on the newsgroup, and from other newsgroups courtesy of the Stanford netnews filtering service.

Can I submit information? If so, how?

Yes. There are forms for adding new restaurant listings on the various city and other locations pages, for updating existing listings on the pages for current listings, for adding forms for adding new cities to the site, and for submitting your opinions about listed resturants. To let me know that a restaurant is closed, just send email to closed-restaurant at sushiref dot com .

I can't really take submissions except on the forms - the site's grown to the point where I can't do updates by hand, which is what would be required for emailed information. The days where lots of browsers fail to handle forms are gone, so if yours can't, then download a newer version of Mozilla. casino spiele kostenlos

Do you edit the information you receive?
I correct obvious spelling and grammar errors and standardize capitalization. On occasion, I may trim extremely long, redundant or irrelevant comments from a message, but these are marked by ellipses when occurring in the middle of a message, viz. [...]. I always edit out:
  1. Excessive punctuation. Standard English uses three periods in an ellipses and one exclamation point. Literal star and underscore characters (like *this* and _like this too_) used for emphasis get replaced with italic tags. It makes my life more difficut when people use ALL CAPS to indicate emphasis, since I'd have to retype all of it in mixed-case.

  2. Obscenity that I consider over the top. This isn't censorship; it's good taste.

  3. Anything that I consider a bit too close to libelous, especially in the form of email or forms from accounts that seem less verifiable.

  4. ``Tell XXX that YYY said ZZZ!'' Send a postcard.

  5. Anything really, preciously cute. Cuteness will not insinuate itself into any website I manage.

Finally, I move all address information to the top of each listing. spelautomater

But I don't edit comments for content; the opinion and degree of the commentaries you see are as originally written.

I'm going to visit a city you have no listings for. Could you fill out that page before I go?
Probably not - there's no research staff here, and however nice it would be, I can't drop everything and fly out ahead of you.

But please do pick up a few take-out menus while you are there, andlet us know about the restaurants we don't have listed!

What are you planing to do with the site?
For the curious, this is a list of the things I hope to implement for the sushi site. They are listed in a rough order of priority, and some have a rough idea of when I might get them online. But don't take any of this too seriously - it's all subject to how much spare time I have, what other distractions come up, what seems interesting to do when I actually sit down with the code, etc., etc.

Lawyer- & Banker-Type Questions

Do you guarantee your listings?
No, I couldn't possibly! I've never met 99.9% of the people who are quoted here, and I've never been to most of the cities where restaurants are listed. Where I can, I verify the address and phone information, but you should always call ahead to make sure that these places actually exist, are still open, etc. For better or for worse, this site provides as much information as possible: it's up to you to sort through it and decide what's relevant to you.

Is this a commercial site?
Nope, this is a hobby.

Do you accept paid advertising?

What's with the huge copyright notice, then?
Remember, this is a non-commercial, non-restaurant affiliated site - I do this as a hobby, not as a business, and while I don't mind giving the information out, I would mind someone else grabbing it to make a fast buck, and I would mind if quotes from this site were used out of context to distort the overall tone of the comments about a restaurant. So the big, long copyright notice is meant (1) to make sure that the rights to the site stay with me and (2) to make sure that you're getting recent, unedited information that's as accurate as possible. casino online

Incidentally, the copyright notice is modeled on the GNU Public License, which is an interesting document in its own right.

I offer a great service to web site managers; it's really affordable; you probably can't live without it; don't you want to get email about it?
No. Don't send me email trying to sell me technical services or PR services, or space on your web site, or a listing in some site-'o-ads, or some search engine indexing service, or whatever it is today. No, you are not an exception. Yes, I already get too much mail. Yes, all you'd get in reply would be the URL of this question.

Ancient History Questions

How did this site start?

Around August of '94, before I'd ever learned HTML, I found out that I'd be going to San Francisco that winter for a conference. I'd never been there before, and I knew that S.F. had excellent sushi potential, so I started reading the newsgroup, and saving posts about Bay Area restaurants. Then one day, I started saving posts about New York City restaurants, figuring ``I'll get there eventually.'' Then posts about D.C. restaurants, then Boston, and so on, and so by November I'd built up quite a stack of messages.

That fall I'd learned HTML, so when it came time for me to get ready to leave, I arranged the San Francisco information into a web page. By February I'd put almost all of the info I'd saved into web pages, and announced the page to a couple of newsgroups. machines à sous mobile

From there, it's built up slowly over the years. In the summer and fall or 1995 I wrote the scripts that generate the forms, and over time I've written lots of little programs for managing the site. They slowly grew out of date, and moving to a new machine always introduces weird incompatibilities, so in late 1999 I started rewriting the whole thing. A completely new version of the site appeared online in early 2000. In mid-2000 updates to the site and further developments to it were interrupted again when the moderator moved to Chicago and started a new job. Since late November 2000 active maintenance of the site has resumed, and for the first time ever it had its own domain .

When was it first available?
December 1994, although it wasn't linked to anything at the time, so you probably couldn't have found it then. casino online español

When was it first announced?
Around February of 1995 or so. I used to post announcements to relevant newsgroups and mailing lists every six months or so, but not anymore as I don't want to attract spam to any current account.

Disclaimer. Make sure you have read the full disclaimer located in the overview to this restaurant guide. Basically: I cannot vouch for the accuracy of any information on this page; remember that the comments are no more than the opinions of strangers; before you venture out to explore the places listed here, it would be a good idea to make sure they are still open, and to verify their exact locations.

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