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This page lists the sushi societies that have let us know they exist, and sent us contact information. Please feel free to contact us with more information about these groups (by email to groups at, or information about other groups.

How does one form a sushi club?

(Posted by EWC in, 23 June 2020)

Glad you asked. Beth ( and I decided we wanted to do one (actually, it was more Beth's idea:) for New York, and we cross-posted to this newsgroup, and (because Panix, my Internet carrier, has a lot of sushi lovers and it was at a Panix sushi gathering that Beth dreamed up the New York Sushi Society idea).

Then I was lucky enough to get help from Steve Manes, a restaurant owner in NYC who has mailing list capabilities through his carrier, Magpie (Panix doesn't have a majordomo yet), and Steve created a "New York Sushi Lover's Digest" for us to post opinions on where we should gather, what kind of gatherings we wanted (all-you-can-eat vs. custom-made feast, location, etc.), and to actually get a list of names so that Beth or I or someone else could make the appropriate arrangements with the restaurant.

The NYSS has had two successful gatherings so far, at Sumou back in March and at Genji the beginning of May. We're headed back to Sumou tonight, 22 strong, for our third `meeting.' So far, we've pretty much kept our activity to hexaweekly (every six weeks) restaurant gatherings - I mean, it's a sushi society, what else would one do? :) - but we're hoping to look into t-shirts or something as well.

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