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New York Sushi Society (NYSS)

What is the New York Sushi Society (NYSS)? We're just a buncha folks that love sushi and can't get enough excuses to indulge! We get together periodically to socialize and sushi-ize. We've found ourselves to be (if we do say so ourselves!) a great group of people!

We ``anchor'' our gatherings with quarterly banquets, planned to coincide (roughly) with the first Friday of the first week of each new season. We're flexible, though - we try to choose dates that are convenient to the most people. The banquet meetings are currently held at Ginji Restaurant (165 Front Street, New York City, voice [+1 212] 425-4441), and are offered as a prix fix menu, running about $40-$48 per person (including tax and tip, but not including drinks). For that, we get a (usually) stunning variety of sushi and sashimi, including unusual rolls and combinations. Our banquets are limited to the first 20 people who sign up (Before this limit was imposed, we found our numbers creeping up to 25, 28, and 30, which got a little too large for the best and most fun sushi experience). If many more are interested, a second banquet may be arranged.

All of our banquets are cash-only - no checks or credit cards. We have recently created some simple courtesy rules which help things go more smoothly.

In between our seasonal banquet meetings, we have had various other events, such as all-you-can-eat (AYCE) dinners. We've also had various other get-togethers on a pay-for-what-you-order basis.

Anyone may take the initiative in arranging events. In fact, we encourage it! For instance, maybe folks would be interested, in between banquets, in trying one of the numerous sake bars or better noodle shops (like Honmura-An). Or, there are many good sushi bars which cannot easily accommodate our larger banquet group of 20, but would do well with smaller groups.

The New York Sushi Society is centered around an electronic mailing list, The NY Sushi Lover's Digest, shipped nightly (the day following any post) in digest form, through which our banquets and other excursions are organized. The following options are available via the mailing list server:

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The NYSS was cofounded by Elayne Riggs (the nominal list owner, reachable via elayne.riggs at and Beth Lederman (pixellle at

Previous New York Sushi Society Excursions

Below is a list of some of our earliest gatherings; we will be adding to this list as Elayne sorts through the NYSS archives. In the meantime, enjoy some of these pictures from our August and December 2000 banquets. Our next banquet will be towards the end of April (the list is currently voting on the 20th vs. the 27th), so if you're interested in attending write to Elayne by Tax-Day, April 15, to see if there's still room - banquet space fills up fast!

The text of this page was provided by Elayne Riggs on behalf of the New York Sushi Society.

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