The World-Wide Sushi Restaurant Reference
Changes to site features

Changes in Issue 10, September 2006. We're now using Google Sitemaps. This is mostly a technical change, but it should help searches return more accurate results.

Changes in Issue 1, January 15, 2020. Updates to the glossary in this issue are courtesy of Richard Dwan.

Changes in Issue 10, September 26, 2020. There's been a problem with the shorter pages where the navigation square in the upper-right corner would stick down past the page footer. This wasn't an error per se, but it does look like a piece of bad design. So I've started to address that - it might not be cleared up on all the pages, but most of them should have a more sensible layout.

Changes in Issue 1, 8 August 2020. Changed from Amazon book links to Google ads.

Changes in Issue 9, 20 June 2020. I've started to add links to other local restaurant guides. There's only a few just right now, but like the rest of the time it should grow with time. Please do let me know about your favorite online restaurant guide to your local area.

Changes in Issue 8, 3 June 2020. Fixed a minor bug, so that now instead of saying something like ``at the NE corner of Main Street'' it would say ``northeast corner.''

Changes in Issue 6, 1 May 2020. Although this isn't really something that shows up on the site itself, the home base for the site has moved to New Orleans.

Changes in Issue 4, 21 February 2020. Fixed an error on the user account services page; a link was pointing to my internal test domain, which isn't externally known.

Changes in Issue 28, 9 December 2020. Last issue of the year - have a good holiday and a happy new year!

Changes in Issue 27, 12 November 2020. Fixed a bug that distorted price listings in some countries with prices in large numbers.

Changes in Issue 22, 3 September 2020. The new update notification system is now online. Updates should start being sent out for either the next issue, or the one after. The system is accessible from the location and restaurant pages.

Changes in Issue 21, 25 August 2020. Fixed an odd bug that made broken links on the pages which appear after some of the ``what does this word mean'' links on reader comments - the pages for Latin spellings which have multiple meanings (like sake).

Changes in Issue 20, 19 August 2020. Added a page for account management. ¶ Removed the links to the URL minder when it was pointed out to me that they were all broken (thanks to Maria Tseng for pointing this out). I'm working on a more sophisticated messaging system for announcing content in new issues - watch this space. ¶ Finally figured out an old bug that caused some opening hours to be recorded as morning rather than evening times, and corrected the files the problem affected.

And two minor re-arrangements: Moved the list of future plans for the site to the FAQ - couldn't justify that having its own page anymore. ¶ Removed all mailto tags from the pages and replaced them with plain text which would not be automatically recognizable as an email address: too many crawlers trolling for spam targets!

Changes in Issue 19, 24 July 2020. Corrected a bug in the links on these changes pages.

Older changes

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