The World-Wide Sushi Restaurant Reference
Changes to site features - Nov.-Dec. 1999

Changes in Issue 4, 6 December 2020. (This issue was actually on-line for only a few days - our server had a hardware crash within a day or two of its release, and as I was out of town with the master copy of the site, it was Issue 3 which got restored). The forms for adding restaurants and adding locations to the site are now online. ¶ I've moved away from the mailto protocol on the forms, and just use the more common post protocol. While the mailto protocol was the right thing when I first put the forms online four years ago, I have better access to CGI scripting now.

Changes in Issue 3, 22 November 2020. Restored the links to the URL minder. ¶ The new address update forms are now online.

Changes in Issue 2, 15 November 2020. Minor revision: implementation of a cross-referencing mechanism, restoring display of some minor information (restaurant and private room capacities, restaurant and food specials, other facilities, opening hour supplementary information, some remaining external references), display of number of restaurants in geographical regions, converted over about five pages from the old site that I'd overlooked (Romania, Russia, the Yukon, the Jersey Shore, and one or two more that are right out of mind just now). ¶ Information submitted via the old "change an address" forms is also now mostly online.

Changes in Issue 1, 1 November 2020. The major revision, reorganizing directory structure, temporarily removing feedback forms.

Older changes

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