The World-Wide Sushi Restaurant Reference
Changes to site features, Jan.-June 2000

Changes in Issue 2, 4 April 2020. I'm about halfway through the CIA web site's list of countries, making sure that there's all added.

Changes in Issue 1, 3 March 2020. There is now a separate page for updates to the listings (as opposed to the changes to site features listed on this page). The updates page is automagically generated from timestamping information stored by the form handlers. ¶ The number of new restaurant listing in this issue is rather large: these new listings represent almost all of the backlog of updates. ¶ Forms for adding restaurants and for adding geographical information (like cities within states or countries) are also now online. ¶ There's now a facility for noting prices of some common types of sushi (via the general information forms). The city (or whatever) page where that restaurant has a short listing will have an M by the "More info..." link, and the navigator box on those pages will have a key to explain the what the M means (it's probably easiest just to look at the New Orleans page to see one of them). There is also now a form on the geography information page to describe how to draw currency (since the prices look mighty silly otherwise!). ¶ The site once again mentions closed restaurants. ¶ Fixed a few bugs about printing times; in particular "noon" and "midnight" should be correctly inserted now.

A progress report on behind-the-scenes stuff: I'm a good bit of the way through the code for adding forms to solicit comments about restaurants (but none of that work appears in this issue - it's not ready for daylight yet). The plan is that forms to solicit comments and rankings of restaurants will appear first, and once there are enough comments to be interesting, I'll add pages to display this feedback.

Older changes

Disclaimer. Make sure you have read the full disclaimer located in the overview to this restaurant guide. Basically: I cannot vouch for the accuracy of any information on this page; remember that the comments are no more than the opinions of strangers; before you venture out to explore the places listed here, it would be a good idea to make sure they are still open, and to verify their exact locations.

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