The World-Wide Sushi Restaurant Reference
Changes to site features, July-Dec. 2000

Changes in Issue 4, 4 December 2020. Forms for making subjective comments about restaurants are now online. Once we get a broad range of opinions posted (and once I write software to distill and display the data), the pages for viewing comments will become active as well.

We also now do phone numbers a bit more regularly, separating country codes, area codes (city codes) and local numbers. Right now I'm setting country codes manually in the database, but will put forms up for it at some point, along with setting default values for area/city codes across geographical regions.

And speaking of defaults, the default values in the various forms aren't working well right now. This will be fixed pretty soon.

Fixed some bugs in the links from forms to other forms, and a broken link from the main page to the etiquette page.

Changes in Issue 3, 28 November 2020. At long last, the site has moved to its new URL . Thanks for your patience with the slow pace of updates while I relocated the site (and myself, for that matter) from Australia to Chicago.

Older changes

Disclaimer. Make sure you have read the full disclaimer located in the overview to this restaurant guide. Basically: I cannot vouch for the accuracy of any information on this page; remember that the comments are no more than the opinions of strangers; before you venture out to explore the places listed here, it would be a good idea to make sure they are still open, and to verify their exact locations.

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