The World-Wide Sushi Restaurant Reference
Changes to site features, Jan.-Mar. 2001

Changes in Issue 7, 30 March 2020. A first version of the code to provide links from Japanese words and phrases in readers' comments to the glossary entries for those words is now up and running. It's still in a bit of a rough state: it doesn't pick up on certain variations of words that it should, but it does grab most of the glossary entries, and seems to build valid links.

There is also a favicon, the small icon associated with links to the site in certain browsers, although it doesn't seem to work with every browser.

Changes in Issue 6, 4 March 2020. Glossary pages are now listed in the alphabetical site index.

Changes in Issue 5, 22 February 2020. The glossary is now generated from an XML source document, rather than being just a plain HTML file. It lets the glossary be a bit more nice-looking, and later on will hopefully let me have links to words listed in the glossary added automatically.

Also blanked out some disused pages, with forwarding messages to the current versions of the pages.

Changes in Issue 4, 3 February 2020. The restaurant ratings and comments that we've been collecting over the last few weeks are now online.

Changes in Issue 3, 21 January 2020. Lots of reorganization of the way the programming handles geography (best seen from the alphabetical index, would no longer say things like "South Orange County, Orange County, Los Angeles, California" but should now skip most of that detail), and corrections to misfilings and redundancies.

Changes in Issue 2, 14 January 2020. Have finally added the last few countries and populated territories listed on the CIA's web site that were missing; over the next few issues I'll add their administrative regions. Suggestions for more reasonable divisions for countries' pages are welcome, by email to geography at .

Have also added associate links to Amazon; a percentage of anything purchased from following those links will help to defray the cost of this site.

Changes in Issue 1 of 2001, 9 January 2020. Minor update, mostly to clear out some of the forms which had come in over the holiday weeks, and for a few corrections, typos and clarifications.

Also added some navigation links: the higher-level lists of places now include pointers to a few more deeply-nested places which have the most restaurants.

Older changes

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