The World-Wide Sushi Restaurant Reference
Listings for Singapore

The Reference currently lists nine open restaurants (with eleven different locations) in this country.

Aoki Restaurant
1 Scotts Road, in the Les Amis Restaurant and Wine Bar, Shaw Centre
Across from the HSBC Bank, Tanglin Branch.
Voice: +65 (65) 63 33 80 15.
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Fiesta Japanese Restaurant
#B1-20, in the Causeway Point
Voice: +65 (65) 894 00 70.
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Harry Keery's Californian Sushi Cafe, Pub
11 Stamford Road, #01-20, in the The Capitol Building
By public transport: City Hall MRT Station.
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Kaiho Sushi Restaurant
5 Koek Road, #03-01/02, in the Cuppage Plaza, Orchard Road, Singapore
Centrepoint Shopping Centre.
By public transport: Somerset MRT.
Voice: +65 (65) 6738 1315.
Fax: +65 (65) 6319 6477.
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Kaisan Japanese Restaurant
328 North Bridge Road (at next to the Seah Street Deli), #01-21, in the Raffles Hotel Arcade
By public transport: City Hall Market Station.
Voice: +65 6339 4929.
Fax: +65 6339 0680.
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Sakae Sushi
Location 1. 1 Raffles Place, Unit B1-07/08, in the OUB Centre, CBD, Singapore
By public transport: Raffles Place MRT.
Voice: +65 (65) 438 6281.
Fax: +65 (65) 438 6282.
Location 2. Orchard Road
Location 3. In the Suntec City
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Parway Parade, in the Singapore Siecen Centre, Downtown east
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Standing Sushi Bar
1 Raffles Place, B1-02B, in the OUB Centre
Raffles Place, Singapore
By public transport: Raffles Place MRT.
Voice: +65 6533 7078.
Fax: +65 6533 7079.
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Suki Sushi
Hougang Plaza, in the Jurong Town Hall, Central
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