The World-Wide Sushi Restaurant Reference
Listings for Honduras

The Reference currently lists three open restaurants (with four different locations) in this country.

Bonsai Japanese Restaurant
Colonia Trejo , San Pedro Sula
Camara de Comercio de Cortes .
By public transport: two blocks up from Hotel Princess.
Voice: +504 (504) 553-5740.
Fax: +504 (504) 553-5742.
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2002 Tercera Calle, Avenida Republica de Peru, Colonia Palmira, Tegucigalpa
Same street as French embassy.
Voice: +504 (504) 232-5348.
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Sushi Itto
Location 1. 16 Ave. (at 7 Calle NO), Barrio Los Andes, San Pedro Sula
Una cuadra al Norte de Comisariato Los Andes.
Voice: +504 (504) 550-0943.
Fax: +504 (504) 550-9837.
Location 2. Bulevard a UNAH-VS, Colonia Jardines del Valle, in the Mall Galerias del Valle, Jardines del Valle, San Pedro Sula
Within Mall Galerias del Valle.
Voice: +504 (504) 544-0580.
Fax: +504 (504) 544-0579.
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