The World-Wide Sushi Restaurant Reference
Listings for Aruba

The Reference currently lists eight open restaurants in this country.

Z/N Sasakiweg, Oranjestad
Voice: +297 (297) 826788.
Fax: +297 (297) 826794.
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77 J.E. Irausquin Boulevard, in the Wyndham Hotel, Palm Beach
Voice: +297 (297) 5864 466.
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Gari and Wasabi
6d Palm Beach
Next to Valero Palm Beach .
Voice: +297 (297) 586-0078.
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House of Japan
Unit 40, in the South Beach Mall, Palm Beach
Voice: +297 (297) 582 9356.
Fax: +297 (297) 586 9716.
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Sake House
9 Caya G.F. Croes
Voice: +297 (297) 830405.
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Wilhelminstraat 4
Voice: +297 (297) 824088 .
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Sushi Ya
In the Renaissance Seaport Mall
P.O. Box 5126
Voice: +297 (297) 583-9982.
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Wong Sheung Wong Restaurant
124 J.G. Emanstraat, Behind the Main Street, Oranjestad
Entrance at Windstraat behind the RBTT Bank.
By public transport: Main Street.
Voice: +297 (297) 583-0359.
Fax: +297 (297) 588-6580.
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