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105 Hudson Street (at Franklin Street).
TriBeCa, New York City, New York
By public transport: Franklin Street subway stop.
Voice: +1 (212) 219-0500.
Reservations accepted.
Licensed to serve beer, wine and liquor.
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From Evan Stein (last visit April 2001)

Variety of sushi: Broad range of uncommon items.
Freshness of sushi: Clearly freshly caught.
Presentation of sushi: Exceptional attention to presentation.
Generosity of sushi portions: Somewhat larger than usual.

Promptness of service: Notably attentive.
Courtesy of service: Very courteous.
Accuracy of service: Always accurate.
Cleanliness - dining and visible kitchen areas: Cleaner than usual.
Cleanliness - restrooms: Clean.
Quality of nonsushi food: Exceptional.

``This is one of the best restaurants in all of New York - let alone the best sushi restaurants.''

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