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This page contains services for Sushi Restaurant Reference user account maintenance. Accounts are currently used only for submitting ratings and comments about restaurants, but we are currently implementing an email update notification service which will also be based on the user accounts.

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Password reminder

If you have forgotten your password, fill in your username here. Your password will be emailed to you.


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Use this form to correct mispellings, update your email address, etc.


Manage update notices

Update notices are not yet implemented. We hope to have a test version running by October 2001, and a full version by the end of that month.

Disclaimer. Make sure you have read the full disclaimer located in the overview to this restaurant guide. Basically: I cannot vouch for the accuracy of any information on this page; remember that the comments are no more than the opinions of strangers; before you venture out to explore the places listed here, it would be a good idea to make sure they are still open, and to verify their exact locations.

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